Solidarity Concert    


Thanks to all the great artists, supports and everyone for coming!
It has been a wonderful event!

on 02nd of September 2017
@Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Berlin

Your donations enabled us to fund the ConAction Conference and help support refugee volunteers from Greece and Turkey to attend the conference in October. 
Musicians agreed to play free of charge .

Line Up:

German Handpan Duo Alex and Malte began their musical journey together in the summer of 2014. Over the last three years they delevoped an intimate friendship and an equally intense musical project. Their music is all about the hand pan and the didgeridoo - dynamic, improvised sound - sometimes dreamy and thoughtful and sometimes rythmic and groovy. They are aiming at creating an atmosphere of pure relaxation and deep inspiration in which your thoughts can melt into dreams. Close your eyes and open your soul.

Rob is a New Zealand born, Australian bred, Berlin based Pop/Soul/Blues musician, globetrotter and adventurer.After working Australia’s tough but rewarding pub circuit, Rob packed his bags for Berlin, a city which he now calls home. In between his musical accomplishments Rob likes a challenge, having now hitchhiked across three continents, toured Indian and African orphanages and hospitals, ventured to Antarctica and travelled overland from Berlin to Australia by bicycle, train and ship. Convinced by the idea of slow travelling the singer/songwriter did the German release tour for his album „Boogaloo“ on a solar boat and took a trip through the US on a custom electric trike. Powerful vocals with humorous lyrics, passionate guitar playing and charm make him a one-man-groove-machine that runs with or without amplification.
Elleni Kempson - Musician, humanitarian with a love of art, photography, languages and animals currently based in the UK. Forever travelling while focusing on her acoustic stuff and her band "Everyone Just Knows". EJ Kempson was raised on Lesvos and had an active part in helping refugees on her home island. Especially in the years 2015 and 2016 her involvement shows her connection to ConAction and the humanitarian cause. She's always looking for more projects and shows.

Or Sarfati +
Ethnic Berlin Music Ensemble

Or Sarfati, originally from Israel, and now living in Berlin started the Ethnic music Berlin 2016 as  a meeting point between those who play ethnic / oriental music in Berlin, those who like to learn to play it, and all those who connect to the ethnic culture and see themselves as part of it. Additionally, Ethnic music Berlin interact between musicians who like to meet and play music together. Started at April 2016, Ethnic music Berlin project had the opportunity to expose musicians and audience to the beauty of Ethnic music, and also to each other. The Ensemble meets once a week, and perform once in two months. Participation to join is free of charge.
Conceived in Vietnam, born in New Zealand and raised in Rome Alex enjoys getting around. Having been influenced by blues artists such as John lee hooker and muddy waters from a young age, Alex endeavors to stay to true to the blues: his lyrics and guitar encompass booze, women and meeting the devil at the crossroads.

Freya von Husen

Freya is a Berlin based german Singer and Songwriter
(Guitar and Voice)

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